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Classes of Firearms as per Canadian Legislation

Normally, an individual in Canada will have an access to only first two of three possible classes of firearms, because Prohibited one is closed for all individuals since 1995 in Canada unless it is "grandfathered".

Non-restricted firearms (longguns) are ordinary hunting and sporting rifles and shotguns with an overall length of 660mm or greater. If it is a center-fire semi-automatic firearm, the barrel length must be at least 18.5 in (470mm) to qualify as non-restricted. Certain firearms, although they meet the above criteria, have been classified as "restricted" or "prohibited" by order-in-council.

Restricted firearms (handguns) include all pistols and revolvers with barrel length not less than 4.14 in. (105 mm). Again, some exceptions will apply. An Authorization to Transport (ATT permit) is required to move a restricted firearm from the location where the firearm is registered.

Prohibited (fully automatic firearms, handguns with barrel lengths under 4.14 in. (105mm), or chambered in .25 or .32) and a variety of other firearms which have been classified as "prohibited" by Chief Firearms Officer of Canada.

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