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Legal Transportation of Firearms

Non-restricted firearms

  •  Unload your firearms
  •  Attach a secure locking device to the firearms

Muzzleloaders can be kept loaded when being transported between hunting sites but the firing cap or flint must be removed.

Restricted and prohibited firearms

  •  Unload the firearms; and
  •  Attach a secure locking device to the firearms; and
  •  Lock the firearms in a sturdy, non-transparent container; and
  •  Remove the bolt or bolt carrier from any automatic firearms (if removable).
  •  Obtain an Authorization to Transport (call 1 800 731-4000).

Leaving Any Class of Firearm in an Unattended Vehicle


  •  Lock non-restricted firearms and locked containers carrying restricted or prohibited firearms in the trunk or in a similar lockable compartment.
  •  If the vehicle does not have a trunk or lockable compartment, put firearms and firearm containers out of sight inside the vehicle and lock the vehicle.
  •  If you are in a remote wilderness area and cannot lock your non-restricted firearms inside your vehicle, unload them and put them out of sight. Attach a secure locking device unless they are needed for predator control.

Shipping Firearms

Firearms must be unloaded, packaged and shipped in a safe and secure manner to deter loss, theft and accidents.

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