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Mandatory Waiting Period

Canadian Government has chosen a North American way of conducting of the application process in order to get Federal Firearms Licence for individuals.

Because of the fact that in both countries there is a high level of firearms-related suicides, and unfortunately in Canada it is not just high, but it is a lion's share (about 81% versus 14% of homicides and just 5% of accidents) Canadian Government applies a provision of the law, being Mandatory Waiting Period.

If in United States you could have heard about the so called 'law of ten days', Canadian Federal Government applies Mandatory Waiting Period about three times longer being 28 days, which applies to any applicant with no exception.

Your application packages will be held for 28 days on purpose by the Federal Government in order to give an additional time for an applicant to "cool down", just in case he/she wants to use newly purchased firearm against himself or anybody else.

That is why an application process in Canada for PAL License takes about standard one and a half month for an actual license to arrive in mail.

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