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The Mandatory Examination

Applicants must pass an examination that is given in two parts, a written portion and a practical one. The written test contains multiple choice and true/false questions, most of which are fairly basic, but there will be some tricky questions as well. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to take Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and/or Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) made available through the list of affiliated instructors/examiners.

The practical portion of the exam, of course, is intended to demonstrate your familiarity with the various actions and operations of guns, and main accents will be made on a safe handling of firearms and its ammunition. The goal is to ensure that you can confirm that a firearm is safe whenever you so much as touch it, much less discharge it. The examiners will want to see that you can operate the gun safely: control muzzle direction at all times, locate and engage the safeties, check magazine and the chamber, verify feeding paths, ensure that the bore is clear of any possible obstructions.

After the tests, and notification that you have passed, you will progress to the next step, the actual application process. We always make sure that everybody of you gets all the Canadian government information and supervise your application process in order to avoid any paperwork errors, which can delay or even derail your gun ownership plans in Canada.

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