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Our Mission

Since our inception in 2001, "Terra Nova Armoury" has been delivering a highly professional, informative and friendly service to Canadians every time it comes to an obtaining of a Canadian Firearms Licence, Canada Hunting and Fishing Outdoors Card and also Trapping Licenses.

We are a team of inspired instructors and examiners in Canada, who teach the Firearms Safety Course, Hunter Education Program and Fur Harvest, Management and Conservation Course and also administer an examinations for all of the above listed Courses.

By improving the knowledge of a firearms safety, thus we trust that contribution we make into a heritage of firearms ownership and future safety of our communities in Canada is just countless!

Our grateful graduates already fill almost every corner of a Country when a life or duties involve usage of firearms and its ammunition, not to mention numerous Governmental Agencies.

We truly believe that you will find our website insightful and informative, as well as easy to use and that the information within shall answer most of the questions you may have regarding, but not limited to acquiring of these documents - we are looking forward to any questions you might have!

We are here to cover all your licensing needs from A to Z and no doubt, you will refer our services to your friends in the future!

Please feel free to register for a Course of your choice - you are just a three clicks away from it!

Sincerely Yours,

Administration of
"Terra Nova Armoury"

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