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Firearms Licence


This Document is a real MUST for everybody, who wants to deal with firearms regardless whether it is for personal needs or employment needs.

This Unique type of Document - PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence, formerly FAC) we offer in both applicable classes of firearms (Non-Restricted and Restricted), issued by Canadian Government to its residents will cover all legal processes, related to Firearms, such as: acquisition, possession, personal sale, storage and transportation, importing / exporting, lending, borrowing, display and usage of firearms and its ammunition throughout whole Canada !

Firearms, to be covered: shotguns, rifles, carbines and their combinations, pistols, revolvers, restricted rifles, muzzle-loaders, powerful and/or big bore airguns.

The One-Time Fee of $240 will include (Fee may vary province-to-province - please see respective registration form for your city and province - Toronto Fee is shown) :


  • Theoretical and Practical Firearms Training

  • Cost of two examination procedures for both Classes of Firearms

  • Handbook Material

  • A complete document package with a full assistance in Application process

  • Colorful picture of Yours, being a part of Application Process (Toronto
    and Vancouver Locations only)

  • Full complex of Consultations and full Support in this field

Extra expenses:80$ of Governmental Fee for a Licence for a 5 year period to renew.

Requirements: being 18 years old and no "hard" criminal within 5 last years.

Good News:

  • Lifetime Document - no need to be re-examined again!
  • Federal Document - good throughout the whole Canada and partial United States (Conditions May Apply)!
  • No difference between future employment needs or personal needs - still only one document!
  • Number of Firearms you may own - unlimited!

Please note that your PRESENCE is necessary along with 100% ATTENDANCE during the classes as per requirements of Canada Firearms Centre and Ministry of Natural Resources.



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