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Hunting Licence

This document is an OPTIONAL and meant only for those of you who wants to hunt with an usage of firearm and shoot at wildlife, being resource of the Government. There is NO SENSE in this document without having PAL first, UNLESS you want to use ONLY bows and crossbows for your future hunting needs.

The One-Time Fee of $150 will include (Attention: Maximum Fee is shown. Fee may vary province-to-province - please see respective registration form for your city and province) :


  • Theoretical and Practical Training

  • Cost of an Exam Appointment

  • Cost of examination procedure

  • A complete document package with a full assistance in Application process

  • Full complex of Consultations and full Support in this field



Extra expenses:62.50$ of Governmental Fee for a Small Game Licence for a 3 year period to renew.

Requirements: 1. PAL License (unless you want to use only bows and crossbows).
2. Being at least 12 years old and reside in Ontario not less than 6 months combined within 1 last year.

Please note that your PRESENCE is necessary along with 100% ATTENDANCE during the classes as per requirements of Canada Firearms Centre and Ministry of Natural Resources.


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