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Firearms Licence (is a MUST)

 * Toronto Location SPECIAL - ONE day course for Non-Restricted and Restricted! 

This Unique type of Document - PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence, formerly FAC) we offer in both applicable classes of firearms (Non-Restricted and Restricted), issued by Canadian Government to its residents will cover all legal processes, related to Firearms, such as: acquisition, possession, personal sale, storage and transportation, importing / exporting, lending, borrowing, display and usage of firearms and its ammunition in a whole Canada! Or get your dream employment career by being licensed.


  • Do I need a gun licence?

  • Is the gun exam difficult?

  • What is offered in the firearms training program?

These and other questions answered in our F.A.Q. section.

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Hunting Licence (is OPTIONAL)

* Toronto Location SPECIAL - ONLY $150 (Tax in) !!! Don't miss out!

This document is OPTIONAL and meant only for those of you who wants to hunt with an usage of firearm and shoot at wildlife, being resource of the Government. There is NO SENSE in this document without having PAL first, UNLESS you want to use ONLY bows and crossbows for your future hunting needs.

* Ontario version of Outdoors Card is shown on the picture.
** Hunting Education Program in British Columbia is called C.O.R.E.

  • Do I need a hunting license?

  • Is it difficult to obtain the hunter licence?

  • Who is eligible for a hunter exam?


These and other questions answered in our F.A.Q. section.

>> What's included?


Trapping of furbearing animals is one of the oldest activities in Canada. Commercial trapping dates back to the 16th century, with the arrival of European explorers and settlers. Long before that, trapping was a way of life for many aboriginal people.

Today, trapping remains a socially and economically important activity for many people in Ontario. The province is considered one of the world's leading suppliers of wild fur. Trapping also plays an important role in current wildlife management.

To qualify for a license, trappers must successfully complete the Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation Course we offer.
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Terra Nova today is your one-stop solution coast-to-coast in Canada for all your licensing needs both for Firearms License and Hunting License - no matter where you are!

Cover your personal firearms-related needs, such as: target sports shooting, recreational shooting, hunting activity.

Get your dream employment career by being licensed with numerous Governmental Agencies, such as Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Correctional Services Canada, Special Security Units or various Armored Courier Providers, such as: Inkas, Brinks, Securicor, Garda and etc.

Did you know that Canada Firearms License is a prerequisite for many positions in Forestry, Mining, Prospecting, Wilderness Outdoor Tourism and Film Making Industry?



Firearms and Hunter Safety Course Locations:


Attention: Depending on Provincial Regulation Service Fee May Vary - please refer to Registration Form of respective province and city you are in to see a price and courses' dates.


What You Ought To Know About Firearms License in Canada?

Now-a-days, many people love to have access to firearms license in Toronto, Canada for one or the other reason. If you’re also willing to acquire a firearms license in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, then you must read further: First and foremost, it’s important to understand that firearms are the responsibility of Federal Government. Federal Government provides licenses via RCMP. RCMP is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, an agency of the Ministry of Public Safety of Canada. So, no matter whether you want to acquire a firearms license in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or wish to owe the same in any other part of Canada, such as: Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and etc. the process is going to be same. First you should take your Firearms Safety Course from a reputable and established agency. Like "Firearms License Canada" affiliate in Toronto is the one for those who are living in Toronto. This short term course is the minimum requirement to let you apply for a non-restricted firearms license in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Usually, it covers most of the hunting rifles and shotguns. However, for restricted firearms like black style rifles or certain handguns, you should consider restricted firearms license. You can also take both non-restricted and restricted firearms safety course together in one package within ONE day by choosing "Terra Nova Armoury". Once you are done with your firearms safety course, you should send your application for the consideration of firearms license. If you are 100% free from criminal convictions and not prohibited from possessing firearms, then in about 2.5 months or so you would be able to receive your Firearms License in Toronto, Canada leading to possession and acquisition of firearms. If you have keen interest in buying certain type of restricted firearms, then you will need to consider the approval of Ontario CFO (Chief Firearms Office of Ontario) for an ATT (an Authorization to Transport), which is a formal process. Now, you’re ready to give your best shot to getting of Firearms License in Toronto, Canada. What are you waiting for?


Steps for getting of your PAL Firearms License in Toronto.

Yes, guns and handguns are certainly legal in Canada. However, if you wish to acquire gun license Toronto, Canada for the legal and lawful control of handgun or any other type of restricted rifle, like AR-15, then you will need to get a second course certification CRFSC. Additionally, you are required to pay a bit more on the PAL application (presently $20 more) for buying a gun or any other restricted firearm.

Many people use RPAL while referring their restricted possession and acquisition license application. Well, you can guess what R in the front stands for but technically, there is nothing like RPAL. RPAL is just a PAL saying restricted on the back in addition to non-restricted. This also specifies the type of firearms and ammunition that you are legally allowed to acquire, possess and trade.

If you’re considering RPAL as a gun license Toronto, Canada or a concealed weapon permit that will authorize you to carry a handgun, you’re completely wrong. Unlike America, carrying a hand gun in Canada is severely illegal. Believe me, there is virtually no way to do so if you don’t have a job that requires it. However, if you don’t mind few extra bucks, you should go for unrestricted license. It’s really worth those extra bucks and above all, it will be your gun license Toronto, Canada.

Many people have a fear of application denial well before applying for a gun license Toronto, Canada. However, if you’re not undergoing any trial or criminal conviction, you shouldn’t worry about it. Only few applications are denied like there were less than even 1% denials in 2013. Its not essential that you should be a resident or citizen of Canada to get the arms and ammunition. If you think you might be denied, then you should call RCMP.


How To Get PAL License In Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

You can’t owe any type of firearm and ammunition in Toronto, ON, Canada without having PAL license, Toronto, Canada. PAL stands for Possession and Acquisition License. Here is how to get it:

First, you should contact an experienced and reliable training centre, like "Terra Nova Armoury". It’s imperative that you are at least 18 years of age to buy a firearm or 12 years with parents consent.


PAL license Toronto, Canada is distributed by the RCMP and can be obtained by following below mentioned steps:


Safety Training

All PAL applicants should apply and successfully complete the Canadian Firearms Safety course tests. For this, you can contact an institute like "Terra Nova Armoury". Two different course types are there for non-restricted and restricted classes of firearms. However, you can complete them collectively at the same time. This step of PAL license Toronto, Canada will involve both written and practical component.


Applying For License

PAL license in Toronto, Ontario is the only license type available to new applicants in Canada. Both Canadian citizens and non-residents can apply for possession and acquisition license.


Security Screening

In this step, background check and investigations are performed. All applicants are screened for their previous records and history. After that, a mandatory 28 day waiting period is imposed on all the first time applicants.

With PAL License in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you can buy, borrow, or trade a firearm in any part of Canada for the next five years. However, you don’t need to possess a registration certificate until and unless you wish to acquire or register a restricted firearm. The PAL license is valid for a period of 5 years and it should be renewed prior to its expiry to keep your possession of firearms and ammunition as lawful. This is all you need to know about acquiring PAL license.


What Is Firearms Safety Course in Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

Canadian firearms safety course is a short course that was developed with the motive of ensuring firearms safety. It was developed by joint efforts of various provinces, territories and national organizations. Any individual who wish to acquire a restricted firearm must pass restricted component of a firearms safety course.

Various topics covered in Canadian firearms safety course include:

-     Evolution of firearms, their parts, types and actions

-     Most basic safety practices to ensure firearm protection

-     Operating firearm actions in the right way and direction

-     Firearm handling and carrying procedure

-     Right and correct firing techniques, procedures and more.

Do You Need Firearms Safety Course level of a Certification?

If you wish to acquire arms and ammunition in Canada, you will definitely need a certification in firearms safety. Additionally, those who want to prove that they do have knowledge of firearms safety laws and practices should also consider this course.


How To Prepare For Firearms Safety Course?

"Terra Nova Armoury" is one-and-only right name in Canada that can act as your complete and reliable guide to Canada Firearms Safety Course. They provide everything from theoretical to practical handling portion of your course.

So, what are you waiting for?


Getting of a Hunting License in Ontario

If you’re one of the many passionate hunters in Canada and think that Toronto is your next or best hunting destination, then you must consider getting of a Hunting License in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Few important considerations that should be kept in mind before you apply for hunting license Toronto, Canada

-     You should be a resident of Ontario with at least 16 years of age or 12 but with parent consent.

-     Canadian Firearms Safety Course certification is the most important thing and you must pass, especially if you are planning for hunting by using a gun.

-     A valid hunting or fishing version outdoors card is also important.

-     You should have all the important applicable licenses, license tags, validation tags for your specific hunting type.

-     Last but not the least is careful observation of all the applicable provincial and federal hunting rules.

However, there are certain exceptions that are available with Ministry of Natural Resources, Canada. Hunting license Toronto, Canada recognizes two types of hunting. This includes:

-     Gun hunting

-     Non-Gun hunting

No matter the type of hunting you choose, it’s important to have sound knowledge of Ontario Hunter education in Toronto. This covers everything from firearm safety to wildlife identification and hunting laws. In fact, you must pass hunter education course to purchase Ontario Outdoors Card. Certain other applications and procedures are also mandatory. So, it’s best to consult a reliable firm like us, "Terra Nova Armoury", because they know everything it takes and there is no better way to ensure a hunting license Toronto, Canada.


Please Support Canadian Firearms Ownership Rights by Signing and Mailing the Petition:

Prime Minister:

WHEREAS Mayor Miller of the City of Toronto is petitioning for a handgun ban, outlawing the possession of handguns by law-abiding citizens who present no harm to the public,

AND WHEREAS a handgun ban will not keep firearms, including handguns, out of the hands of criminals who have no regard for the law,

AND WHEREAS sport shooting and hunting is a long-time hobby and passion of many Canadians, who will be forced to give it up because of the illegal actions of a few,

AND WHEREAS criminals without access to firearms will traffic them from other countries, or manufacture them domestically, or simply use other weapons to commit their crimes,

AND WHEREAS the vast majority of firearms used in violent crimes and murders have not been legally purchased by PAL-holding individuals, have not been registered, and have never been in the RCMP's firearms system,

WE THE UNDERSIGNED urge you to recognize that a ban on any firearm will not reduce the number or rate of violent crimes committed by those who disregard the law, but rather only unfairly affect law-abiding shooting enthusiasts. Furthermore, we urge you to disregard the erroneous petition presented to you by Mayor Miller of the City of Toronto.


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